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Vision Solutions


Essilor Transitions

Transitions lenses are fashion forward and practical. They provide you with the optimum vision solution for indoors and out.

Essilor Eyezen

The solution for people who live a connected life. Ordinary eyeglasses help you see your world. Eyezen eyeglasses enhance the way you live in it.

Essilor Xperio polarised

Xperio polarised sun lenses eliminate blinding reflections, to offer you greater visual comfort, excellent clarity of vision, better reaction time and improved performance in whatever you do.

Hoya Blue Control

BlueControl reduces the blue light emitted by digital screens, minimizing glare and enhancing contrast. Effective blue light protection keeps your eyes in better condition while offering more comfortable

Hoya Phoenix

Phoenix provides superior safety for the wearer, with impact resistance far exceeding FDA standards. It is 60 times more impact resistant than standard plastic lenses,

Hoya ID Lifestyle

ID Lifestyle Clarity lenses from Hoya are for active individuals who frequently shift their focus between near and far objects.